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Set Goals

Start by adding the goals you want to accomplish this month, the target number you're shooting for, and if the goal is a daily, weekly, or monthly goal.

Keep Tally

Make a quick swipe to right or left to add or subtract from your goal target.

Adjust Goals

Edit a goal by making a long swipe to right or simply delete a goal with a long swipe to the left. Tap and hold a goal to reorder the list.

Look Back & Improve

View your history to see how you're doing. The stoplight indicators will tell you the status of your goals. Learn trends about your goals and gain insight on ways to increase, decrease, or edit your goals for the future.

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If there was Maslow's hierarchy of apps, this one may be at the top @thefullapp getting meaning back into ur day.
The opposite of a to-do
app - what a nice approach
Full, from @thefullapp perfectly aligns with my practice of working on my goals a little bit every day.

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